Things to do in Pedregalejo

On a beautiful day!

Posted by Dounia

Pedregalejo is a small fisherman's neighborhood that is easily accessible by bike.

A bike lane from the city center to Pedregalejo takes you along the promenade, which is such a good place to bike and has such a beautiful view. You can go even further than that and go to El Palo or Rincón De La Victoria.

The local's favorite thing to do in Pedregalejo is having lunch at the super nice fish restaurants by the water. On the beach, the fish are being barbecued in tiny vessels that resemble boats. you have an amazing view of the beach, there are also a lot of nice bars to go to for a drink or two ;)

Besides all the good fish restaurants and bars, Pedregalejo also has one of the best beaches, so when the weather is good you should really check their beach.

You can visit the historic boatyard Astilleros Nero, which is situated right at the start of the promenade if you enjoy the water and sailing. The traditional wooden fishing boats of the Malagasy people, known as "jábegas," can be seen being made there, among other things. Several of these boats can still be seen sprinkled over the beaches of Pedregalejo.

Even though it is more relaxed, Pedregalejo Beach nonetheless provides many of the amenities and services. And as we always say, Malaga is better by bike.

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