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by bike

Posted by Mavi

The 18th of May, we celebrate culture, art in all its forms, history, science, geography.
Here is a recommended itinerary to visit 9 museums.

  1. The Malaga's Museum, a must if you visit our city. You can find archaeology and art collections.
  2. Our second stop will be Museo del Patrimonio Municipal it has several floors and there are always fascinating collections.
  3. The third stop, Museo Pompidou , just to see the architecture of the building, it is worth it.
  4. Another must-have Picasso's Museum. No need to tell you anything, you already know from the name that it is going to be an amazing museum.
  5. The Carmen Thyssen Museum, is a majestic museum that is also worth a visit.
  6. The The Russian Collection Museum, where you can find collections of Russian art and also houses the Automovilistic and Fashion Museum. All the collections are in the same building so it is a 3x1.
  7. Back to Soho, near our bike shop, and on to our last stop CAC Museum. Where there are always contemporary and modern collections. Undoubtedly, another must-see.
Undoubtedly a recommended route not to be missed. If you do it, let us know, and we will be delighted to hear from you.

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